About NTI

NTI, Inc. uses state-of-the-art measurement and analysis techniques to answer performance questions of productivity, safety, workload, selection, and training for industrial, governmental, and aerospace environments. NTI develops special experimental methods to assess performance effects of human work procedures, task allocation, system design options, work-rest schedules, environmental stressors, and chemical agents.

In addition, NTI has developed testing products to monitor and detect early cognitive deficit due to the onset of dementia, "chemo brain", or ageing.

Corporate Focus

NTI, Inc. is a research and development firm dedicated to optimizing human performance and assessing cognitive capabilities. Through the development and application of physiological and behavioral assessment techniques, NTI produces:

  • Cognitive tests to assess the negative effects of cancer, chemotherapy, and dementia.
  • Tailored, computerized tests of performance capability for screening employees for fitness-for-duty in safety-critical jobs;
  • Human performance, workload, and situation awareness assessment technologies for system design evaluation;
  • Test batteries for use in human performance research;
  • Customized, computerized tests of cognitive skills for selection of job candidate trainees;
  • Person-based training systems.


NTI has advanced the technology of performance monitoring and assessment in recent years by creatively applying fundamental research in human cognition and performance to practical problems in medical, government, industrial, and transportation environments. Its most current efforts and contributions include:

  • Assessment of cognitive capability and performance degradation due to dementia, ageing, and "Chemo-brain"
  • Performance-based testing for the assessment of employee readiness for work
  • Assessment of design options in systems involving command and control
  • Job candidate selection testing for specified work skills
  • Employee training